How to create a quick low bun using clip-in hair extensions!

Pushed for time but still want to look gorgeous? Of course you do! This quick and easy low bun has come straight off the catwalk of London Fashion week and was tipped to be big this autumn and winter. It has effortless Parisian chic written all over it. Wear it with minimal make-up, a fabulous handbag and your most nonchalant stare for some serious ‘strutting down the Champs Elysées’ cool. 

How to create a quick low bun using clip-in hair extensions

As always, the lovely Miss Alex is here to show you how to master the look – and trust us, this is a hairstyling staple that every girl needs to have in her armoury!
Kick things off by getting everything you need…
You’ll need
  • Your clip-in hair extensions
  • Hairbrush
  • A comb for sectioning and backcombing
  • A hairband
  • Hair clips or grips
All set? Let’s do this ma chéries!
Apply your Lush clip-in hair extensions
First up, you need to clip in your hair extensions. This won’t take long as you don’t need to apply many wefts – just enough to give your hair some extra length and body. Applying your extensions is what takes this simple look to the next level, giving you a fuller and more beautiful low bun.
Make a section at the bottom of your head and apply a two clip weft. Then make another section above that and apply a four clip weft. And that’s that – super easy right?
If this is your first time using clip-in hair extensions and you want a bit more help, we’ve got a fantastic post showing you how to apply clip-in hair extensions.
Don’t skip your hair prep
Before you create your low bun, get your hair ready by brushing through any knots or tangles with your hairbrush.
Then trace a line up from the tip your nose to make a centre parting.
Next, just backcomb the hair at the top of your head slightly to give it some extra volume. Très bon, you’re ready to create your low bun now…   
The low bun trick
Pull your hair back into a low ponytail position at the nape of your neck, where you want your bun to be. Don’t worry about making it perfectly smooth and tight, we’re going for a relaxed look - no scraped back ballerina hair here!
Now take your hairband and pull your ponytail just half way through the band. Then pull the end of your ponytail back into the band to create your low bun.
You totally need to watch the video for this part – Alex has helpfully done it in slow motion for you so you can see exactly how she does it.
Finish it up
To help your bun look its best, pull at it a little to make it bigger and more voluminous. To add to this look’s casual style, pull the hair above your bun to loosen it a little as well.
Now take your hair grips and and secure your bun in place so it stays put. If you like you can also tease out a couple of strands of hair from the front of your head to frame your face like Alex has.
Et voila! Gorgeous hair in minutes. And if that’s not enough to brighten up your day, we’re treating our lovely readers to the pre-Christmas discount code LHBLOG10 so you can all claim 10% off Lush Hair Extensions products until the end of December.
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