FAQ: How To Do A Doobie Wrap Hairstyle?

What’s a doobie hairstyle?

If you aren’t familiar, a doobie is created by wrapping your hair around your head in a circular pattern, then securing it with bobby pins. The purpose of this is to keep your hair bouncy and neat following a wash and set. Most women, like myself, still use the method as a protective style after a blowout.

What is a Dubi wrap?

The Doobie, also known as the Wrap, is one of the main elements of the Dominican Blowout. By stretching and holding your hair, it keeps your straight look intact for the week. The Wrap helps your hair to fall correctly, hang and move more like naturally straight hair.

What is a silk press?

First things first, it’s time to answer the obvious question: “ What is a silk press?” A silk press is a hairstyling technique that uses a blow-dryer and flat iron to straighten your hair without a chemical relaxer.

What is a Dominican blowout?

The Dominican Blowout is the traditional method of straightening hair used in the Dominican Republic. It hasn’t changed much in decades and has a pretty set procedure. The Dominican Blowout straightens natural hair, leaving it bouncy and silky without chemicals.

How long does a doobie last?

A blowout is designed to last – and it can hold its shape anywhere from 3 to 5 days, depending on the texture and thickness of your hair. If you decide to start treating yourself to blowouts regularly, your hair may start to adapt to the shape and style, making it last a little bit longer each time.

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How do you spell hair doo?

noun, plural hair ·dos. the style in which a person’s hair is cut, arranged, and worn; coiffure. the hair itself, especially when newly or elaborately arranged.

How do you take care of a hair wrap?

Hairwrap Care Instructions

  1. DO NOT LATHER or wash your wrap.
  2. BE AWARE of it.
  3. When you sleep, tie it in a ponytail so you don’t break base hairs when you rest.
  4. *Some people get little bumps at the root of their hair.
  5. CHECK MONTHLY for wear.
  6. DO NOT BREAK hairs at the base.

What is a Tubi for hair?

For those unfamiliar, Rihanna’s hair was not a faux pixie crop, but what is commonly referred to as a doobie (pronounced by Dominicans as a tubi.) A doobie is a wrapping process commonly utilized by women in African-American and Dominican cultures to keep their freshly heat treated hair intact.

What products do Dominican salons use?


  • Apretol Shampoo Canela y Romero.
  • Silicon Mix Hair Shampoo Hidratante.
  • Crece Pelo Shampoo Fitoterapeutico Natural.
  • Star Lacio Lacio High Shine Leave-in Hair Conditioner.
  • Dominican Hair Product Naturals Key Aloe Vera and Avocado Treatment Conditioner.
  • Dominican Magic Hair Follicle Anti-Aging Conditioner.

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