FAQ: Who Makes The Best Hairstyle Sheers?

What is the best brand of hair shears?

When looking for the best hair shears under $100, we found the Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series shears to be the best. With a sweeping offset ergonomic design coupled with a finger rest, these premium shears made from Japanese stainless steel will be comfortable to hold.

What are the best professional hair cutting shears?


  • Matsui Scissors. 248 Reviews.
  • Yasaka Scissors. 32 Reviews.
  • Joewell Shears. 105 Reviews.
  • Kamisori Scissors. 73 Reviews.
  • Sozu. 160 Reviews.
  • Comparison Table.

What scissors do professional barbers use?

Best hair cutting shears (2021)

  • Equinox Professional shears.
  • John 6.5 Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors.
  • Shears Direct Left-Hand Shear.
  • Suvorna Zircon Z40.
  • Got Glamour Cobalt Shears.

How do I choose hair shears?

Choose hair cutting shears with handles that provide your preferred design and features. Many professionals own shears with different blade lengths to meet varying needs.

  1. Blade lengths range from 4 to 7 inches.
  2. Shorter blades of up to 5.5 inches are often used for intricate cuts, touchups or cutting close to the skin.
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Which metal is used in stainless steel and high quality shears?

COBALT and TITANIUM are also added to some steels to increase hardness and decrease weight, and adding these alloys will result in the finest scissor steel. Keep in mind, however, that COBALT and TITANIUM are only additives to stainless steel, NO scissor is made of 100% cobalt or titanium or any other alloy.

What is the difference between scissor and shears?

The Difference Between Scissors & Shears Scissors have symmetrical, equally sized finger holes and are generally under 6″ in blade length, while shears have one smaller finger hole and one larger finger hole and are more than 6″ in blade length.

Does it matter what scissors I cut my hair with?

It’s the same with scissors used for hair cutting. The blades need to be sharp and in a good condition. So, if you want to cut your hair with the scissors that you have at home and use to cut many types of things, go ahead; no one will see you. But undoubtedly, you’ll ruin your hair, and you’ll literally hurt it.

Are purple dragon shears good?

Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Scissors Kit They look very nice and are well -made. These are premium-quality Japanese steel grooming shears, but they come in a full set with a case for a much better price. If you’re looking for Japanese steel, these are one of the best dog grooming shears on the market.

Is Matsui a good brand?

Matsui offers a wide range of hairdressing scissors to suit all cutting styles, and are an extremely comfortable tool to use! One of our favorite parts about this brand is that the scissors are not only high quality, but also come in a variety of colorful options.

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What is the best hairdressing scissors to buy?

The best hairdressing scissors to buy

  1. GlamTech Salon Services S1 Scissors: Best all-round hairdressing scissors.
  2. Boots Salon Performance Hair Cutting Scissors: Best value hairdressing scissors.
  3. Purplebird Hairdressing Scissors: Best hairdressing scissors for cutting children’s hair.


Are Joewell scissors good?

Joewell Scissors are some of the most popular professional hair scissors in the UK. Manufactured by hand from the finest quality materials, Joewell Scissors have been found by hairdressers and barbers to last longer, cut better and perform exceptionally well, cut after cut.

What is the number one rule of shears?

Rule # 1: NEVER cut over pins. This can damage the blades of your dressmaker’s shears. Rule #2: Show your shears love and respect — and wipe the blades clean after every use.

What to look for in thinning shears?

The main differentiating trait to thinning shears is the amount of teeth they have. Some teeth are set wider apart, and some are spaced much closer together. The significance of the number of teeth your shear has will inform how it’s used. Smaller teeth are best used to blend and soften blunt lines.

What’s the difference between thinning shears and blending shears?

Both thinning shears and blending shears can remove weight and soften hard lines from the hair. The main difference between the two shears is that a thinning shear has teeth on both blades and a professional blending shear has one blunt blade and one blade with teeth.

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