How To Make Twist Hairstyle Step By Step?

How do you twist your hair back?

Step-by-step: Split that section in two and twist them together. Add in hair from your hairline to one section and twist that back over the other section. Keep adding in hair and twisting the two sections together until you reach the top of your ear. Then curve the twist around the back of your head.

How do you wear your hair to the side?

Hair How-To: The Sexy Side Sweep

  1. Sweep your hair to one side and blow it smooth.
  2. Hit your strands with some hairspray.
  3. Gather the underpart of your hair and create a hidden side ponytail.
  4. Create loose waves.
  5. Spray and separate.

How do you sleep with a twist out on natural hair?

Scrunchie Method

  1. Spritz your hair with water at night to moisturize.
  2. Secure your hair with a satin scrunchie and make a bun.
  3. Make sure your ends are secure in the scrunchie.
  4. Cover your hair with a satin bonnet!
  5. In the morning, shake it loose and re-mist with water.

What side do you sweep your hair?

Feel for your cowlick (the swirl near the crown of your head). If it moves in a clockwise circle, part your hair on the left. If it’s counterclockwise, you should part on the right. Another tip: Parting the hair lower on the head is a good way to create a square shape to your haircut, and it looks good on everyone.

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How do I pull the sides of my hair back?

If you’re looking for a way to pull back the sides of your hair but don’t want the pins to show, try this simple technique: insert a bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face and in the opposite direction of the section you’re pinning back.

How do I maintain my natural hair twist?

How to maintain mini twists on natural hair

  1. We recommend wearing your mini twists for a maximum of 4 weeks.
  2. You can wash your scalp after about a week.
  3. Use a spray based leave in conditioner or moisturizer several days in a week.
  4. Try to redo or refresh your mini twists weekly or bi-weekly to prevent locking.

Should I twist my natural hair every night?

You’re not retwisting your hair at night. “If you have shorter hair, it may be best to retwist every night to maintain your hairstyle. If your hair is longer, you can pineapple your hair.” For second or third day curls, Bova recommends Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hold and Shine Moisture Mist to revive curls.

How do you sleep with a wet twist out?

Wrap a perm rod at the end to keep each twist as tight as possible. Sleep with twists in place overnight on satin pillowcase or wrap a silk scarf around my head. Lightly oil each twist in the morning and gently undo. Fluff, shake, and finger comb for your ideal look.

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