Jon Snow Hairstyle How To?

What is Jon Snow’s hairstyle called?

The Kit Harington hairstyle comes in many variations, but the style is primarily flowing curly hair with a beard. As Jon Snow’s hair in the hit show Game of Thrones on HBO, this cut and style works well for his character. However, the actor has been known to slick back his long hair or even cut his hair short.

How do you do Kit Harington’s hair?

To achieve the Kit Harington short hair, opt for a haircut which is longer on top, and shorter and layered on the sides. For Harington’s wavy volume, spray saltwater hair spray on damp hair, let it dry naturally and style using a hair paste for textured yet touchable curls.

Does Jon Snow have a perm?

More Men Are Getting Perms, Thanks To Jon Snow Like his dearly beloved Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow’s man perm hairstyle has resurrected the art of the male curl. About a year after the once omnipresent man bun was proclaimed D.O.A., the number of men getting perms has dramatically increased, because hipsters.

What shampoo does Kit Harington use?

You’re better off smelling like Harington himself, who — and he swears he’s not lying — has been using D&G’s The One for years.

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What color are Kit Harington’s eyes?

Kit Harington Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Affairs & More

Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Black
Personal Life
Date of Birth 26 December 1986


Does Jon Snow have a beard in the books?

In the books, Jon Snow is clean shaven until he ventures beyond the wall. Then he releases his inner wildling. In the show, facial hair might be grown to hide scars. In real life, it’s grown because it looks awesome.

How do I make my hair like Jon Snow Curly?

Instead, if you’re trying to pump up hair with Jon Snow flow, use a curl enhancing volume spray. Curl sprays have more moisturizing ingredients that will still give volume and texture without making it feel like “you’ve been sitting in the sun all day,” she says. Always spray it into damp hair and let it dry naturally.

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