Often asked: How To Change Hairstyle In Pubg Mobile?

How do I change my appearance in PUBG mobile?

Step 1: The player will have to first select the default character, since the option is available only for them, as already mentioned. Step 2: Then, in the inventory tab, the player will find an option: “ appearance ” on the left side of the screen. Step 3: The player has to click on the this “ appearance ” button.

How do you get different hair in PUBG?

To unlock the locked faces and hair styles you need to upgrade to the “Royale Elite Pass” first. Then, when you reach a certain level of R.P, you will be able to unlock and acquire the locked styles. You can see in advance how you will look like from the character reset page.

How do I change my Sara hair PUBG?

U can’t customise the hair via the character edit. U can only change it with the hair that comes along with her crates.

How do I change to a girl in PUBG mobile?

How to change gender in pubg

  1. Open Pubg game and click on “Inventory“
  2. Now click on “Appearance”
  3. Here you can change the gender of your character by clicking on Male or Female.
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Can I change my name in PUBG?

Select ‘Inventory’ from the menu at the bottom. Click on the ‘Crate’ icon which is on the right side of the screen. Select the ‘Rename Card’ (if available) and click on the ‘Use’ button. Enter a new name and hit ‘OK’.

How do I switch to original character in PUBG?

Open the app to the home screen (main menu). Select Inventory from the menu at the bottom. Tap the ‘Reset Appearance’ arrows that appear right next to your character. Make the changes you’d like to your character, then tap OK.

How can I change my name in PUBG without ID card?

Method 1: By completing missions

  1. Go to the ‘inventory’ option on your homepage screen of PUBG Mobile.
  2. Scroll down to the end of the coupon sections where you will spot ‘Rename Card ‘.
  3. Click on ‘Use it’ and change your in-game name as per your wish.
  4. Voila! You are done!

How do I change my hair Colour in PUBG?

If you wish to change Look of your PubG Character tap on Appearance. This is a place, where you can Customize your game character, there you have possibility to change gender, face, hair, the color of skin & hair. Choose your favorite set up, tap Ok and purchase new items.

How can I change my PUBG name stylish?

Fashionable Names For PUBG Mobile:

  1. #1 If you don’t have a rename card, buy one from the ‘Shop’ section.
  2. #2 Tap on the rename card to change your name and add special symbols to it.
  3. #3 Visit the NickFinder website to get thousands of special characters and nicknames.
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How much is rename card in PUBG?

The cost of one Rename Card in PUBG is 180 UC.

How do I change my PUBG DP to Google?

Open PUBG Mobile game then go to the right top corner, you can show them your name and icon box and an icon box, your current picture has shown. click on the icon then click on the box. New window open then click on INFORMATION icon then click on Avatar icon then you can change picture as you want.

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