Often asked: Rey Hairstyle How To?

Does Rey ever wear her hair down?

We’ve never seen Rey’s hair down before. She has it pulled tightly up during all of The Force Awakens, likely because the heat of Jakku necessitated her keeping it that way to stay cool. This is a whole new vibe for her, and it’s even possible those wisps around her ears might be hiding a hint of a Padawan braid.

Does Rey wear makeup?

Amanda Knight, the lead makeup artist on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, describes Rey’s look: Rey’s make up consisted of Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation, with some brown cream pigment and “By Terry Brightening CC Lumi-Serum” in “Sunny Flash” for her cheeks.

Does Rey have a padawan braid?

Rey’s hair is hiding a Padawan braid. The Force Awakens leaves off with Rey offering a lightsaber to Luke Skywalker. Rey’s new longer, flowing hairdo might be concealing one.

Why does Rey have three buns?

Rey has kept her hair in the same three buns since the day her parents sold her off to Unkar Plutt because she’s afraid that when the day comes that her parents come back for her, they will forget who she is. Keeping her hair in that style will always let them know that she is their daughter.

What color lipstick does Princess Leia wear?

Leia’s Lipstick: A ruby pink lipstick with a slight gloss to it, the line follows the natural outline of the lip, overdrawing the lips was not done for Leia’s makeup.

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