Often asked: What Kinds Of Hairstyle Did The Greasers Have In The Outsiders?

What kind of hair did the greasers have?

The greasers ‘ long, slick hair is a symbol of their gang, both to themselves and to others. When Ponyboy and Johnny cut and dye their hair while in hiding they’re taking a symbolic step outside the gang. As a result, Ponyboy feels less secure, but also gains a bit of room in which to develop his individuality.

How did the greasers do their hair?

The most notable physical characteristic of greasers was the greased-back hairstyles they fashioned for themselves through use of hair products such as pomade or petroleum jelly, which necessitated frequent combing and reshaping to maintain.

What does need a haircut greaser mean?

So the boys’ new short haircuts offer them more than disguise; they symbolizes the fact that they are cutting their ties with the past. As they hide out in the church, Ponyboy daydreams about being with his brothers, Darry and Soda, and how wonderful life was at home. But he can ‘t return. Tags: The Outsiders.

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What do SOCS hair look like?

Their hair is up to date and they are clean shaven. On page 141 of The Outsiders, The socs are described as,” clean shaven with semi-Beatle haircuts, wearing striped or checkered shirts with light-red or tan-colored jackets or madras ski jacketsthey look decent.” They way you dress is key to becoming a soc.

Why does Dally carry an unloaded gun?

Why is Dally carrying an unloaded gun? To scare off the socs, the socs are hostile and angry since their friend was killed.

What does greaser mean?

1: one that greases. 2 disparaging + offensive: a native or inhabitant of Latin America or a Mediterranean land especially: mexican. 3: an aggressive swaggering young white male usually of working-class background.

What does Bob’s rings symbolize?

Bob’s rings are a symbol of wealth, but they also represent the physical power that comes from being wealthy. Physical power that he uses to prove his superiority over Ponyboy and the rest of the greasers.

Why does Cherry tell ponyboy not to talk to her in school?

However, Cherry explains to Ponyboy, “if I see you in the hall at school or someplace and don’t say hi, well, it’s not personal or anything.” The reason she can ‘t be seen talking to Ponyboy at school is because of the unwritten social rules of class.

Why do Johnny and ponyboy start crying?

Ponyboy and Johnny are young, homesick boys, who have committed a series of crimes and begin to feel overwhelmed, which is why they start crying. Pony mentions that he cried himself to sleep and wakes up later that night with a different attitude.

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Who is sodapop in love with?

Sodapop is dating, and in love with Sandy near the beginning of the book, a pretty girl with china blue eyes and blonde hair. After Pony and Johnny return from windrixille, Pony is surprised to find out that they broke up.

What literary device is they walked around slowly silently smiling?

Alliteration is the repetition of similar sounds. When the Socs jump Ponyboy as he is walking home from the movies, Hinton writes, ‘ They walked around slowly, silently, smiling. ‘ The three words that begin with the letter ‘s’ are an example of alliteration.

Who says need a haircut greaser?

He quickens his pace as he remembers how badly the Socs beat his friend Johnny Cade. The Corvair pulls up beside Ponyboy and five Socs climb out and surround him. One of them asks, “ Need a haircut, greaser?” and pulls out a blade. The Socs begin to beat up Ponyboy, who screams for help.

Did greasers wear belts?

Greaser Clothing Leather jackets, which were often worn over tee shirts, were another staple for greasers. Accessories included leather belts and sometimes chain wallets. Greasers also sometimes wore white tennis shoes such as Converse All Stars or black boots.

What do green eyes symbolize in the outsiders?

Green eyes symbolize how people can differ from first impressions. They also symbolize people’s tendency to prejudge others based on appearance or assumptions, as Ponyboy initially says he hates most guys with green eyes.

What does two bit say keeps Darry from being a SOC?

Two – Bit gives Dally his black-handled switchblade. What does Two – Bit say keeps Darry from being a Soc? Two – Bit says the only thing keeping Darry from being a Soc is the gang.

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