Question: How To Change Hairstyle Tree Of Savior?

How do you get TP in Tree of savior?

TP are obtained by accumulating free TP over time, as event rewards, or by purchasing TP bundles from Steam. There is one in each city. You can purchase Tokens and other consumable items from them.

How do you get free TP in TOS?

Regular TP can be obtained by spending money or participating in events.

  1. Free TP is generated at a rate of 1 TP per 4 hours and caps at 5 TP.
  2. When you buy something at the TP Trader, first your free TP will be consumed.
  3. When you don’t plan to buy something big:
  4. When you want to buy something big (> 5 TP ):

What is team level tree of savior?

-Your team level is determined by the level of the characters and companions in your lodge. -Your characters receive additional EXP depending on your team level. -You can check your team level and EXP bonus under [ Team Info] at your lodge. -Starting from team level 2, you get 1% more EXP with each team level.

What is team name Tree of savior?

Choosing a team name – Your team name will appear after the name of each of your characters, as well as in chat windows and other game interfaces. Eg) If you are [ Team Name: Leaf / Character Name: Green], in the game, your character will appear as ‘Green Leaf’, with your team name ‘Leaf’ displayed in chat windows.

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How do you delete a lodge in Tree of savior?

If you want to delete the team in the original world, please follow the instruction.

  1. Select your server. 11272×818 582 KB.
  2. Delete your all characters.
  3. Click Team info on the above right.
  4. Click Delete Team.
  5. Write down the sentence “I agree that all data is deleted and cannot be restored”

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