Question: How To Merge Stardew Valley Hairstyle Mods?

Can you use more than one mod in Stardew Valley?

You can keep two (or more ) separate mod folders and have separate shortcuts to SMAPI to load the appropriate one by using the — mods -path argument.

Can you have multiple furniture mods Stardew Valley?

If two mods modify the same file, only the last one will be visible in game. It looks like both of those fully change the furniture and farmhouse_tiles files. So short answer is no.

How do I make a content patcher pack?

Create example mod Install SMAPI and Content Patcher. Unpack the game’s Content folder so you can see what each asset contains (see Modding:Editing XNB files#Unpack game files). Create a SMAPI content pack per step 3 of the general Create a Content Pack page. Launch the game.

How do I edit XNB files in Stardew Valley?

Spritesheets are easy to edit:

  1. Unpack the file you want to change.
  2. Open the unpacked. png file in an image editor (like Paint.NET on Windows, or GIMP on Windows/Linux/Mac).
  3. Make changes directly to the image.
  4. Repack the file and copy it back to the original location.
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How many mods can Smapi handle?

The answer: you can never have too many. SMAPI says I’m running 33 mods right now. I’m almost afraid to download any more in case I somehow break my poor laptop, but I just can ‘t resist the temptation to keep adding.

How many mods is too many Stardew Valley?

Personally, I’d consider 75+ to be too many mods for SDV.

Can you place furniture outside Stardew Valley?

Most furniture can be placed outside.

How do you Stardew furniture catalog?

Tip: Shift + left-click on an item in the Catalogue or Furniture Catalogue to add it directly to inventory, instead of attaching it to the mouse cursor.

Where do I put the content patcher file?

First run the SMAPI installer. Then unzip Content Patcher and place it in your mods folder. You probably also need to unzip your clothing mod and place it in your mods folder. If you need a mod that allows you to change your clothes, you can use Kisekae.

How do XNB files work?

An XNB file is an XNA Game Studio Binary file. The file is used by Microsoft XNA Game Studio. Extract images from one using XNB Extract, or convert to audio with XNB to WAV.

How do I open an XNB file as a PNG?

XNB to PNG converter. A very simple, easy to use program. Directions:

  1. Unzip the contents of this zip-file to somewhere you can work with files.
  2. Put your any. XNB file(s) you want to modify in the PACKED folder.
  3. Double click UNPACK FILES. BAT to extract the contents.
  4. To re-compile the image. Just double click PACK FILES.
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What can you open XNB files with?

Programs that open XNB files

  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio. Free.
  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express. Free.
  • The GameTools Suite. Free Trial.
  • XNB Extract. Free.

How do I merge XNB files?

Both straight donations and premium membership donations accepted

  1. Download the mod you want to merge.
  2. Click the ‘Open’ button.
  3. Select the downloaded xnb file.
  4. Drag the area to be merged in the image.
  5. Most files to be merged are automatically selected.
  6. Click the ‘ Merge ‘ button to merge them.

How do you edit a Stardew Sprite?

You have to unpack them with a program like XNB Node which will give you YAML and PNG files, edit the PNG file containing the graphics within, then pack the files back up into XNB and replace the original XNB file with your modified XNB file in the game’s Content folder.

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