Question: What Is A Victory Roll Hairstyle?

Why are they called victory rolls?

The Victory Roll’s name was actually taken from the aviation aerobatic manoeuvre – planes would spin horizontally as a sign of victory or celebration – and popularised during the Second World War by Hollywood starlets. “ Victory Rolls can be placed in different areas along the top of the head.

What are Victory rolls in hair?

Victory rolls are a women’s hairstyle that was popular from 1940 to 1945, characterized by voluminous curls of hair that are either on top of the head or frame the face.

What are the three victory hairstyles?

There were three popular middy cuts in the 1940’s – the middy baby haircut, the middy haircut and the middy plus.

How do you roll your hair up?


  1. Begin with a loose, low ponytail.
  2. Part hair above the hair -tie.
  3. Pull pony up and through into a topsy.
  4. Repeat previous step into another topsy.
  5. Use your index finger and wrap another topsy to create the roll.
  6. Continue to roll until you run out of ponytail.

How do you do a Front victory roll?

While holding the section of hair in one hand, wrap the end of your hair toward the back of your head around your middle and ring fingers. Do this 3 or 4 times until you form a solid curl around your fingers. Slip your fingers out of the curl, then continue rolling toward your scalp.

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