Quick Answer: How To Do A Bun Hairstyle?

How do you make a bun in your hair easy?

Step 1: Tie a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Step 2: Braid your hair till the end in a classic three-strand style and tie the end of the braid with an elastic. Step 3: Now coil the braid around the base of the ponytail and secure it with hair pins.

How do I put my hair in a bun?

Once you have put your hair in a ponytail, grab the end of the ponytail and gently twist. Keep twisting until the ponytail is twisted from ends to base. Wrap your hair into a bun. Once you have twisted your ponytail, wrap it into a circle or spiral against your scalp.

How do you make a simple bun with short hair?

Bedhead Bun

  1. Haven’t you heard?
  2. Gather your hair into a loose, messy ponytail on the nape of your neck.
  3. Using your other hand, twist the ponytail around itself to create a bun shape, and secure with pins.
  4. Tousle the hair on top, and leave out a few short pieces in front for a no-frills bedhead look.

How do you do a messy bun without a Doughnut?

Fan your hair out and tuck it into the sock. This part is a little tough. You want to take the hair at the end of your ponytail and spread it out equally in all directions. Roll the hair around the top of the sock and tuck them in underneath the roll. Move the doughnut down slightly to catch the hair.

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Do buns ruin your hair?

While sleeping with your hair in a bun may help to preserve your salon-professional blowout, it can also have some serious repercussions for your overall haircare. “It’s important to always wear our hair out with no tension while sleeping. [A] preserving bun can create tangles and tug [on] the hair while sleeping.

How do you do a messy bun with waist length hair?


  1. Make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Brush your hair well.
  2. Braid your ponytail into a three-part braid. Separate the ponytail into three even parts.
  3. Wrap your braid around itself to create a bun. Starting at the top of the braid, twist and wrap the braid over itself.
  4. Decorate your with bun.

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