Quick Answer: How To Do The Jon Snow Hairstyle?

How do I style my hair like Jon Snow?

Instead, if you’re trying to pump up hair with Jon Snow flow, use a curl enhancing volume spray. Curl sprays have more moisturizing ingredients that will still give volume and texture without making it feel like “you’ve been sitting in the sun all day,” she says. Always spray it into damp hair and let it dry naturally.

What is Jon Snow’s hairstyle called?

The Kit Harington hairstyle comes in many variations, but the style is primarily flowing curly hair with a beard. As Jon Snow’s hair in the hit show Game of Thrones on HBO, this cut and style works well for his character. However, the actor has been known to slick back his long hair or even cut his hair short.

How do you do Kit Harington’s hair?

To achieve the Kit Harington short hair, opt for a haircut which is longer on top, and shorter and layered on the sides. For Harington’s wavy volume, spray saltwater hair spray on damp hair, let it dry naturally and style using a hair paste for textured yet touchable curls.

How long does it take to get hair like Jon Snow?

Plan on a minimum of 6 months’ growth, if you’re starting from a standard short-to-medium style. But it could take as much as a year.

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What shampoo does Kit Harington use?

You’re better off smelling like Harington himself, who — and he swears he’s not lying — has been using D&G’s The One for years.

What is Kit Harington’s net worth?

On-screen brothers Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had the joint highest estimated net worth at around 16 million U.S. dollars apiece.

Characteristic Net worth Earnings per episode
Kit Harington 12 0.5
Lena Headley 9 0.5
Maisie Williams 6 0.15
Sophie Turner 6


How do I get Bradley Cooper hair?

The key to Cooper’s grooming nonchalance is the products. On clean, damp hair, spray five to six pumps of a texture spray (Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity Spray is a great choice) and then, using a vent brush, blow-dry your hair back from your face.

How do you get Harry Styles hair?

Here is how you can get a Harry Styles haircut.

  1. Blow dry your hair using a quality salt spray so that you can add a little volume to your hair.
  2. Style the hair with pomade to get that high shine effect by rubbing the pomade to the ends of the hair with your hand.

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