Quick Answer: How To Make Bob Marley Hairstyle?

What styles can you do with Marley hair?

It has a similar look and texture like yarn braids. Some braid options that you can do with Marley braid hair are box braids, cornrow braids, and ponytail braid hairstyles.

What hair is best for Marley twist?

The hair used for Marley twists is Kanekalon hair, a cheaper alternative to many other twist styles. Though synthetic, Marley hair has a kinky texture that resembles natural 4c type hair, allowing this hairstyle to easily blend with more naturally coarse hair types.

How do you soften Marley hair?

Only thing that helps soften the hair a little bit for me is to dip it in hot water to set the hair.

How many pack of Marley hair do I need?

You will need 3-4 packs of Marley hair.

Is Marley hair soft?

When it comes to Marley hair, all brands were certainly not created equal. It’s important to choose a brand of Marley hair that is soft, flexible, and therefore easy to use and remove.

Do you dip Marley twist in hot water?

Do not dip the ends of your hair into the boiling water while it is still over an active heating element on your stove. Dry the ends with a towel when done.

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How much does Marley hair cost?

Both. Both Havana and Marley hair twists typically cost between $100-$160 for installation, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

What colors do Marley hair come in?

Marley Braid

1 Black 1B Off Black 2 Darkest Brown
1B Off Black with Dark Purple Tips Dark Purple Medium Purple
Lavish Purple Orchid Purple Neon Violet
Hot Pink Hot Coral Powder Pink
Rose Gold Warm Grey 44 Gunmetal


Can you wash Marley twists?

Washing your hair with twists or braids can cause major frizz, matting, and possible damage. Try scalp cleansers and cleansing sprays like the Moisture Clenz I mentioned earlier. I spritz my scalp once a week to keep this style maintained. Using a bandana, pull all the hair to the top of your head.

How do you revive Marley hair?

  1. Braid the marley hair in sections to prevent tangling.
  2. Put hot water and conditioner in the bowl.
  3. Place braiding sections into the bowl.
  4. Rub the braids together to loosen oils and dirt that may be on the hair.
  5. Rinse and untwist.
  6. Lay flat to dry.

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