Quick Answer: How To Make Puff Hairstyle?

How do you make a puff in your hair?

Take a look:

  1. Comb your hair, and make sure it is detangled.
  2. Take a small section of the hair at the front, and pull it back.
  3. Roll the section, as shown in the image.
  4. Using the roll as a grip, push the hair in the front such that it puffs up.
  5. Use a tiny clutch or bobby pin to keep the pouf intact.

Do puffs make your hair grow?

Your hair can still grow at a good rate because the puff does not put a lot of stress or strain on your hair manipulation wise. It’s entirely possible to grow hair without being a protective style fanatic.

How do you make a natural Afro puff?

Puffed Up

  1. Moisten hair and apply moisturizer.
  2. Use wide tooth comb and soft bristled brush to direct hair upward to the top of the head.
  3. Place the large headband around your neck.
  4. Apply edge control, pomade or gel around the edges and nape and smooth with the soft brush.

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