Quick Answer: Where To Get Vip Hairstyle Coupon?

How do you use hair coupons in Maplestory?

Double-click your Royal Hair Coupon or your Royal Face Coupon in the Cash tab of your inventory to get your new style, no need to visit Henesys anymore! You can preview the Royal Styles in the Beauty > Hair and Beauty > Face sections of the Cash Shop.

How do I change my hair in Maplestory?

To change your character’s Hair or Face by choosing a saved look, open up your Beauty Album, click to select the style that you want, and click on the Change button on the lower left to change. Voila! You have successfully changed your looks! You may delete any Hair /Face style from your album at any time.

Where is Big Headward in Maplestory?

Big Headward
Function Rinz the Assistant
Location None


How do you get titles in Maplestory?

Titles are Set-up items that can be obtained by finishing certain quest during events. You can double click them to activate/deactivate. Once activated, an effect will appear above your character’s head.

Can you change hair color Maplestory?

Firstly, purchase from Cash Shop a Hair Color Coupon belonging to the town you want to change your hair color in. Click on “OK” when you ‘ve decided and your hair will instantly be changed into the color that you have chosen.

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How do I get more hair slots in Maplestory?

In maplesea, there is a cash shop item that adds more slots of storage npc. It costs 8,000 a-cash and one adds 4 extra slots. In maple global, there is also a cash shop item that adds 4 slots to your chosen tab and costs 4,000 nexon cash.

How do you get hairstyles in Maplestory?

You will need to purchase coupons via the in-game Cash Shop before you embark to various Beauty Parlors to give your character a new look. REG(ular) coupons are essentially the cheapest coupons you can purchase, with the drawback that it randomly selects a hairstyle out of the available options in that particular town.

How do I get the excessive charming quest?

Excessively Charming Guide When you accept the quest from the Star tab Big Headward will want you to meet him in the Hair Salon in Henesys. Go to Henesys then Marketplace then all the way to the right to find the Hair Salon. He will give you a quest to find a Rose Clipping.

Where is the hair salon Maplestory?

Location Henesys Hair Salon in Victoria
Mini Map
Song Bgm00/FloralLife
Quests There are no quests on this map
NPC Natalie, Brittany, Big Headward NPC Information Name: Natalie Type: NPC Information Name: Brittany Type: NPC Information Name: Big Headward Type:


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