Readers ask: How To Get Zayn Malik Long Hairstyle?

What is Zayn’s haircut called?

The Long Quiff Hairstyle In his teens, Zayn had a trademark quiff hairstyle that you could not miss. Although he alternated between short and medium-length hair, he would style it up and to the side in an unruly fashion. It’s all part of the bad boy charm that escalated him to fame.

What products does Zayn Malik use for his hair?

2 After hair is slightly damp, use a dime-sized amount of pomade. For Zayn’s Grammys look, Joanna used Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade, and warmed it between her palms. This makes sure there are no clumps of product or too much concentration of product in any one place.

Who is Zayn’s girlfriend?

Gigi Hadid After some rumours of them getting back together months after their split, it seems they rekindled their romance in January 2020, when they celebrated Zayn’s 27th birthday and were pictured hand-in-hand.

What is Zayn afraid of?

Everyone has certain scares, and so does Zayn. The former One Direction star has aquaphobia, which means he is afraid of open waters and can’t swim, while he is also super scared of height.

Is Zayn short?

What is Zayn Malik’s height? ‘Flames’ singer, Zayn, stands at 5’8″ or 175 cm, and the singer is absolutely unscathed with not being the tallest of the bunch, as his pregnant girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid, stands at 5’9″, and we all know they’re the hottest couple around.

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Is Zayn blonde?

Malik dyed his signature dark hair platinum blonde, and his fans quickly got “ Blonde Zayn ” trending on social media. The “Pillow Talk” singer stepped out in New York for the first time since he welcomed his daughter with Gigi Hadid in September.

How can I get Zayn Malik body?

I couldn’t find out exactly what he likes to eat, but it does involve eating lots of carbs and protein. After he left the band, Zayn Malik started eating healthy and controlled his food to get a better body.

What type of body does Zayn Malik have?

Zayn Malik Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Affairs & More

Body Measurements – Chest: 38 Inches – Waist: 28 Inches – Biceps: 13 Inches
Eye Colour Hazel Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Personal Life


What Color Is Zayn Malik’s hair?

Half blonde, half black, Zayn’s been wearing the shaggy-at-the-top, shaved-on-the-sides style spiked up in a volumized bouffant that takes us back to his boy band days.

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