Readers ask: How To Hairstyle Rarity Toy?

How do I make my little pony hair curly?

If you’ve used a straw or cap, wrap the hair with a strip of paper towel and pin it in place. To curl the tail, twist it around one of your pony’s hind legs (beginning at the top and on the outside of the leg), wrap it in a strip of paper towel, and pin it or fix it with a rubber band. Leave your pony to dry overnight.

What color is Twilight Sparkle’s hair?

Keep your TWILIGHT SPARKLE figure’s pretty pink and purple hair smooth with the brush, so she looks great no matter where her adventures take her.

Can you wash my little pony hair?

If you choose to shampoo, squeeze a small dollop of shampoo on your fingers, then run it through the hair with your fingers to lather it. Be gentle. Then rinse the hair thoroughly, again with warm water. Baby shampoo is the best material to clean My Little Pony hair.

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